This is AMA: Terri Vaughan

By AMA Staff

Surrounded by the constant buzz of bees, Terri Vaughan is in her happy place.

When Terri’s husband was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, sugar was identified as a main trigger. But on the safe list was raw, unpasteurized honey. Instead of buying honey like most people would, the AMA member invested in bees and a new passion was hatched.

In honour of the hard work bees do throughout their short lives, The Humble Bee came to be, selling honey and environmentally sustainable items, such as beeswax food wraps.

And just like her bees, Terri is constantly working. When she’s not tending thousands of bees, harvesting honey and beeswax, and making retail products or taking care of her two children and managing her business relationships (or stealing a spoonful of honey from the beehive), the Spruce Grove resident and her bees also do presentations to school-aged kids with the “live hive.”

Why do all this? Because we need to “bee the change,” as Terri says.

In this episode of This is AMA, we invite you into her humble hive.