This is AMA: Mike Le

By AMA Staff

There are dozens of words for love. In Mike Le’s house, “dad” is one of them.

Mike, a fitness trainer from Calgary, puts his family at the centre of everything he does—and it shows the moment you enter the home he shares with wife Amy and children Nathan, Isabelle and Tayven. School photos, vacation snapshots, and family keepsakes are legion; a height chart is fixed prominently to the kitchen wall; and nearly every inch of the refrigerator is covered with the kids’ artwork.

Nearby, a large wooden sign reads, “There is only one happiness in life: to love and to be loved.” And that pretty much sums up the way Mike prioritizes things. Family comes first—whether it’s biological, with Nathan and Isabelle, or chosen, as with 12-year-old Tayven, who joined the Le clan at age eight.

In this Father’s Day edition of This is AMA, a video series celebrating our membership community, Mike talks parenting, fatherhood, and the importance of showing up.