This is AMA: Marion Rogers

By AMA Staff

Marion Rogers won’t let a pandemic slow her down.

In April, the longtime AMA member started a walking group for seniors and, so far, they’ve walked more than 12 million steps around their Calgary neighbourhood. That’s enough to take them across the length of Canada!

To help visualize their travels, Rogers has posted maps and tracked the group’s progress from coast to coast. They’ve “visited” Vancouver, Moose Jaw, Montreal, Dalhousie, and even met their member of Parliament once they’d logged enough steps to reach Ottawa.

While Rogers is proud of their milestones, she says connecting with friends and neighbours (at a safe distance) is even more important. “You couldn’t measure what this journey has done for the spirit of people who live here,” she says.

In our latest installment of This Is AMA, we welcome you to Mrs. Rogers’ neighbourhood.