This is AMA: Daniel Martin

By AMA Staff

You could say giving back to the community is in Daniel Martin’s veins. The Edmonton musician is passionate about helping those who can’t help themselves—and he does it by donating blood every two months.

The passion project began after a workplace accident left a coworker in desperate need of a transfusion. Although Daniel’s attempt to donate failed, he persisted. And with a little education and better preparation, he made his first successful donation.

Followed by many, many more.

“Canadian Blood Services texts you to say, ‘You just saved a life’ when your blood is on its way to the hospital. It makes me feel like I’ve made a difference, like I’m connected to my community,” Daniel says. “If I can help keep more people around longer, so they can do the things that make them happy, then that makes me happy.”

In our final This is AMA video of 2019, Daniel talks about keeping the spirit of giving going all year long.