This is AMA: Braede Harris and Gavin Fedorak

By AMA Staff

When the going gets tough, the tough make pizza—and serve it hot to frontline workers, non-profit organizations, and vulnerable Albertans. Meet Braede Harris and Gavin Fedorak, the co-owners of LOVEPIZZA—and two of the most passionate community advocates around.

From the earliest days of their pizza franchise, the Edmonton couple has made giving back a centrepiece of their business. So when COVID-19 hit, the first question on their minds wasn’t how it would affect them but how they could support those around them. Their answer required hundreds of hours of labour, driving, and deliveries, but it helped rally their customers behind a shared cause.

“When we’re going through something difficult, our coping mechanism is to reach out to people and try to help them,” says Braede, an AMA member since 2003. “It hasn’t been easy by any means to do all this stuff right now. But it gives our team something to look forward to, and to be proud of.”

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