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Planning to Tow a Trailer? Here’s What You Need to Know

Life on the road is all about downsizing, but no matter how hard you try, sometimes you end up hauling more than you anticipated. Trailers act as giant trunks, allowing you to safely stow fishing gear, coolers, non-perishable food, cottage supplies, water toys and more.

Not sure how much you can safely haul? Check the owner’s manual for your
vehicle’s towing capacity, and ensure you have the proper class of hitch for the weight of the trailer. Hitches range from Class I (up to 2,000 lb) to Class V (up to 12,000 lb).


Before every trip, follow this checklist to ensure a safe drive:

Check the tire pressure and inspect tires for wear.

Ensure your brake lights and turn signals are working.

Inspect and lubricate wheel bearings as needed.

Make sure the latch is locked down and the safety pin is secured in place.

The safety chains should be connected in an X-pattern under the hitch.

If the trailer is equipped with emergency braking, make sure the battery is charged.

Shortly after you head out, pull over to check the tie-downs. Check again at every stop.