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How to Assess Whether You Have the Right RV Insurance

Making sure that you’ve got the right protection for your RV and the stuff inside of it can sometimes be tricky, so here’s our helpful guide to making sure you’ve got the coverage you need to matter where you’ve parked your weekend getaway.


A trailer is usually covered under your existing automotive liability insurance when it’s attached to your vehicle—but only for liability. And a motorhome or camper van is considered a vehicle in its own right, so it must have its own auto policy for liability. If you want it covered for damage while you’re on your way to that provincial park for the weekend, you’re going to need to add coverage for physical damage under either your home or your property policy.


“Under an automotive policy, you’re dealing with the unit itself,” says Mike Mantello of AMA Insurance. But you can also purchase extra coverage for your contents. “With a property policy, you’ve got the unit itself (with a certain value) and its contents.” This means the trailer can be insured for fire, theft and collision under an auto policy, which also includes permanently attached items inside, like beds and benches.

Under a property policy, coverage includes separate contents such as bedding, kitchen items, TVs and even bicycles. Anything attached to the RV, like ATVs and motorcycles in a hauler, can also be covered, but a separate policy may be necessary.


Waiting for another weekend to get the camper out on the road to explore? A common myth is that your home insurance covers the RV contents when it’s parked in your driveway. “This isn’t necessarily true,” Mantello says. “Anything that’s kept in the RV on a permanent basis should have its own coverage.” And if you sell your house to hit the road year-round, the RV becomes your principle residence and you’ll need an entirely different policy.


For more info on available coverage or to get a policy for your specific needs, visit or call 1-800-615-5897