Photo: Koonsiri Boonnak/iStock

Tips on How to Save on Gas

By AMA Staff

No matter what part of Alberta you’re in, you’ll find costs have gone up across the board. Namely, it’s gas prices.

However, you can do things to reduce those steep costs when it’s time to fill up. And while the results won’t be immediate, you’ll find any combination of these helpful pointers will make a massive difference in the long run.


This one starts even before you head out the door. Your new goal is to avoid heavy traffic and congestion. Easier said than done, but it’s possible with some pre-planning. Find a new route to work or wait a little later to run some errands. The constant start/stop of heavy traffic takes its toll on your fuel economy because it forces the repeated revving of your engine. To minimize this, you’ll have to take the time to manage and shift your schedule.


Many modern vehicles come with an Eco Mode button that can restrict engine and transmission performance to improve fuel economy. It’s an ideal option for you during these months as it will mostly do the work without you noticing. But that’s unless you need your car to give that little extra performance.


It’s a big ask to recommend that drivers re-adjust their driving methods. However, having a heavy foot on the road is not only unsafe for yourself and fellow drivers, but it could be costing you more than you think. The strain of pushing your engine causes it to burn through more fuel than by driving at a steady and consistent pace.

Some car care tips to help you on your next road trip.


Lightening the load your vehicle carries can get more out of your fuel—the smaller your car, the less power it will generally need to exert. But if you’re using your Corolla as a storage locker, it’s going to be using a lot more power, and therefore gas, to get going.


Almost every gas station provides a rewards plan that can benefit customers in the long run. For example, using your AMA membership card at Shell station pumps or in-store, can save you three cents a litre. And you’ll also score 10% off car washes and in-store products. With regular fill-ups over a year, the savings add up to an average of $125. Check here for more details.


Keeping your vehicle in top shape can improve your gas mileage by a significant amount. Additionally, using motor oil that matches your vehicle’s recommendations can make a big difference.


All tires lose pressure eventually. Once that pressure drops, so does your car’s fuel economy. So, keep an eye on your tires to ensure they’re correctly inflated to your vehicle’s recommended PSI range.