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The Gift of Driver Education

By AMA Staff

Learning to drive is one of life’s biggest milestones— and gifting your young family members the skills to be confident and safe behind the wheel is a priceless contribution to their future.

That’s why long-time AMA member Marsha Bremner gifted Driver Education lessons to three of her beloved grandchildren as they took their next big step towards independence. The gravity of that step and her unequivocal love for them meant Bremner sought instruction from the best driving school in Alberta to set the foundation for them to become safe drivers for life.

Bremner, a Northeast Edmonton resident and AMA member since 1980, trusts the organization, which has come to her aid and to the aid of her family many times. She knew she could rely on AMA to show her grandkids Michael, 17, and twins Alex and Joe, 15, the ropes through the New Driver Program.

“I think you need to learn from someone who is professional and is up to date on all the rules of the road, and pays attention to each detail,” says Bremner, who adds that even a caring relative wouldn’t possess the same teaching acumen.

Bremner’s son also took an AMA course many years ago, so he would be equipped to handle Alberta winters. “[Driving] in a blizzard, you’ve got to know how to drive safely,” she says. “It’s a very important thing in Edmonton and all of Alberta.”

After completing either 15 hours of the online course or 18 hours of in-class instruction, the three boys will each spend 10 hours with an instructor in a vehicle—the practical portion of the training where they put their newly acquired knowledge to use. And should they choose to do their in-vehicle lessons during the winter, they will ultimately find navigating better road conditions the rest of the year to be relatively easier.

“To get this for the boys was very, very important,” says Bremner, who feels instrumental in helping set the foundation for her grandkids to be safe drivers for life. “It is a life skill that I could put my money towards for them.”

Aside from the New Driver Program, there are other courses—including the Winter Driving Course, the Road Test Brush-Up Lesson and Demerit Reduction Defensive Driving—all tailored towards different skill levels, ranging from Learner’s License prep to a refresher for seniors. 

Visit ama.ab.ca/driving-school for more information and to browse the complete list of offerings.