Build your own froyo dessert at Yogurty's

How to Save on Desserts and Sweet Treats in Alberta

By Craig Moy

When your sweet tooth beckons, reach for your AMA card. Your  membership makes it easy to indulge. Visit these AMARewards partners for savings on everything from doughnuts and cookies to frozen yogurt.

This frozen-yogurt emporium fulfills the adage that variety is the spice of life. Simply grab a cup and fill it with one of more than 85 froyo flavours and 60-plus toppings. Try something chocolatey (Snickers yogurt with brownie bites and double-chocolate cookie dough, perhaps?) or experiment with contrasts like root beer froyo and maraschino cherries. The tasty combinations in endless! AMA members save 10%.

You may have just gorged on smokehouse ribs and hand-carved steak, but there’s always room for the mountainous Mile High Mud Pie, a layered slab with two types of chocolate ice cream and peanut butter on a chocolate cookie-crumble crust. Save 10% on dining.

Snack time gets a bit of carnival atmosphere when you bring home a bag of SuperKid popcorn—a colourful mix of blue raspberry, banana and cotton candy flavours. Or go for Chicago Style, an iconic sweet and savoury combo of caramel and cheese popcorn. Free upsize: Get a large bag for the price of a medium.

A healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be bland. A Cali Smoothie Bowl uses Freshii’s low-fat green smoothie as a base, then adds big slices of banana, mango and strawberries—plus granola and shredded coconut—to the delicious equation. It’s a naturally sweet way to get your day off to the right start. Save 10% on food and drinks.

sweet treats doughnuts hudsons
Hudsons’ maple-bacon mini doughnuts

Patriotism has rarely tasted as sweet as Hudsons’ maple bacon mini doughnuts. The soft rings of fried dough, slathered with syrup and crispy bacon bits, make for a great shareable ending to a night out with friends. Save 15% on all regular-price food and beverages.

You needn’t decide on just one sweet ending here: The restaurant’s “decadent duo” dessert pairs a Belgian chocolate ganache torte (bonus: it’s gluten-free, with a crushed-pecan crust) and white chocolate cheesecake topped with whipped cream, milk chocolate shavings and strawberries. Save 10% in restaurant.

Self-serve frozen yogurt is this café’s stock in trade, but for something a little more substantial, order up a crepe filled with toppings like Nutella, berries, bananas and almonds. Still fancy some froyo? Go ahead and add it as a side! Save 10%.

sweet treats cookies by george
Peanut Butter Cookies by George

Some people don’t like the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. To them we say: Great! That leaves more for the rest of us! Which is a good thing, because when it comes to Cookies by George’s soft and chewy peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies, it’s hard to get enough. Buy 12 cookies in-store and get one free, or save 5% on all online orders.

Six ways to kickstart your workout

First, get your fill of the ever-popular truffles and toffee, then order a few caramel apples for good measure. These unique confections are a far cry from the “candy apples” of yore. Instead they’re slathered in caramel and topped with the likes of Smarties, chopped almonds or chocolate chips. If you’re really dedicated to turning your Granny Smith into something extra, go for the s’mores or rocky road versions, covered in chocolate, marshmallows and other delicious nibbles. Save 10% on chocolates and treats.

When it comes to Marble Slab’s rich, gourmet ice cream, our mantra is “go big or go home”—with a classic three-scoop banana split, or a decadent sundae. When it comes to the latter, the Creamery’s strawberry shortcake and fudge brownie delight options are always, well, delightful. Save 15% on all regular-price items.