Machu Picchu (photo: Willian Justen de Vasconcellos/Unsplash

Roam from Home with These Virtual Tourism Options

By AMA Staff

Though most Canadians’ ability to globetrot is currently curtailed, you can still see the world from the comfort of home—thanks to virtual tourism experiences across Canada and around the globe.

Machu Picchu tops many travel bucket lists. While a trek to the 15th-century citadel may not be possible, armchair travellers can experience the Peruvian site with YouVisit’s virtual tour. Your online guide provides factoids about Incan architecture, history and daily life along with 360-degree views—minus the hike or altitude sickness!

Other continents offer wondrous sites, but you can also find fascinating stories closer to home. Canada’s Calling, a podcast curated by British Columbians Ashley Bryden and Mike Pedersen, explores the people and places that make our country great. Download the Nunavut episode to learn about life in the Arctic, from frozen landscapes to the warm humour of the Inuit. Find it on Apple, Google or Spotify podcasts.

Even though Marvel maniacs can’t visit a Disney park right now, they can learn to draw a superhero. Get Spidey senses tingling with a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Spider-Man.

Welcome wildlife into your home with these livestreams.

• It’s cuteness overload on the San Diego Zoo’s Penguin Cam! Watch the tuxedoed flock of fowl toddle around their unique Africa-inspired habitat.

Alberta animals and where to spot them

• For a mesmerizing mental break, check out the Vancouver Aquarium’s jelly cam. Pacific sea nettles glide around their tank in an underwater ballet.

• Bird watchers can relax with Bubo, the Saskatchewan Science Centre’s rescued great horned owl. He’s been grounded since losing a wing in the wild.

virtual tourism hawaii lei DIY necklace

A taste of Maui: Hawaiian flavours and craft culture

Lounging in the turquoise water of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon has become a rite of passage for many travellers. Indulge in an at-home spa experience with a silica mud mask from Sourced directly from the popular pond, the goopy paste cleanses, reduces pore visibility and feels fantastically refreshing.

virtual tourism broad yayoi kusama infinity mirrored room
Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room at The Broad

All you need for a culture fix is a Wi-Fi connection.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, Edmonton
Watch an online tutorial to learn how to make pysanky, traditional decorated eggs dating to pre-Christian times. The eggs feature intricate designs representing rebirth and new life. Though popular at Easter, the beeswax-covered shells make for colourful home accents all year long.

The Broad, Los Angeles
Forty-five seconds. That’s how long you normally get to revel in Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room. Online, however, you can Zen out to the reflective light experience as long as you’d like. Set to a spacey soundtrack, the twinkling abyss provides a mental retreat any time of day.