Q&A: Stories and Sign-Ups at AMA Registries

By AMA Staff

Spend any time talking to Nicole Scott and you’ll begin to realize that she’s a superior problem solver—someone who loves making sense of life’s what-ifs. From providing advice on services like vehicle registration to helping AMA members navigate important milestones, like getting married, having a baby or starting a small business, Nicole always takes the time to find the right answers for you.

What brought you to AMA?
When my son turned two, I decided to go back to work, but I didn’t want to return to my previous career as a social worker. I wanted a part-time job where I could interact with people, but without all the stress of social work. Around that time, I was driving down Calgary Trail and I spotted a billboard outside of AMA’s head office. It was advertising six AMA Registries positions.

What does a typical day at the Registries desk look like?
For the most part, it involves renewing driver’s licences and vehicle registrations, and pulling driver abstracts. I do vital statistics too—birth, marriage and death certificates, and I sign up members for organ donation. But there’s never a “typical” day because I’m always dealing with different people at different stages in their lives.

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It must be interesting talking to people who are starting over.
It is. I help a lot of people who’ve moved to Alberta. They want to know how to get a driver’s licence, government ID or register for Alberta Health Care. It’s an exciting time for them and they often share their stories of why they moved here—be it for work, family or love.

What’s one of your most memorable experiences helping someone?
I was able to help a couple get married before the wife passed away due to cancer. She was in the hospital and couldn’t come in to sign the marriage licence. Her fiancé started all the paperwork at AMA, and I took everything to the hospital for her to sign the forms. In circumstances like that, we put our members’ needs first. We’re always looking out for them like family.

You must see a lot of new drivers?
Teens are usually quite excited about learning to drive and getting their licence. It’s the parents who are anxious or nervous! I try to put them at ease: “You’ve come to AMA. It’s going to be okay. We’ll take care of your child.”

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How has your job changed in the past five years?
Technology has allowed us to offer convenient solutions for members. If they want to renew their vehicle registration, they can do it through our website, ama.ab.ca. The same goes for an AMA membership; it can be automatically renewed online. Even driver education has changed. Ten years ago, who would have imagined that AMA could teach you how to drive online?

We’ve really expanded the services that AMA offers. When I started five years ago, we didn’t offer the Class 7 learner’s knowledge test. Now you can write that test in-centre, take a driver education program with us, and when you’re ready, we can even book your road test. We’re there for you along all of life’s journeys.

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