Outdoor Gear Guide

By AMA Staff

There’s an exciting world out there to see and this AMA guide will help you get to it in style! Whether you plan to hike, bike or jog to your destination, this reward guide is a comprehensive look at the must-buys this summer. Shop through the AMA eStore to save or earn reward dollars as you catch some rays: AMA Rewards eStore.

1. Indigo

Smart Rope Rookie smart skipping rope
Earn 1% in reward dollars  

2. Walmart

Madd Kruzer 200 foldable scooter
Earn 2% in reward dollars  

3. Altitude Sports

Onata Mahalo inflatable stand-up paddleboard
Earn 4% in reward dollars  

4. Altitude Sports

Life Sports Gear sky trail poles 
Earn 4% in reward dollars

5. Columbia Sportswear

Bora Bora II Booney sun hat
Earn 8% in reward dollars

6. PRFO Sports

Mint’N Dry bike cleaning kit
Earn 5% in reward dollars

7. Altitude Sports

Cotopaxi Bataan 3 L waist pack 
Earn 5% in reward dollars  

8. PRFO Sports

Fjällräven Bergtagen hiking bag
Earn 5% in reward dollars

9. PRFO Sports

GSI Outdoors freestyle racket set
Earn 5% in reward dollars

10. Altitude Sports 

GSI Outdoors gourmet pour-over java set
Earn 4% in reward dollars  

11. Globo Shoes

Banff Trail Lauswen sport sandal
Earn 4% in reward dollars

12. Altitude Sports

Phelps kids’ arm floats
Earn 4% in reward dollars

13. PRFO Sports

Moustache Samedi 27 electric mountain bike
Earn 5% in reward dollars  

14. Walmart

Echo Gecko kids fly fishing kit
Earn 2% in reward dollars  

15. Sephora 

Supergoop! Play SPF 50 sunscreen
Earn 5% in reward dollars


Electric is a buzzword in the automotive world, but it’s also gaining traction in cycling circles. Electric bikes offer the best of both worlds: pedal power and electric speed. Brush up on some e-bike basics.

What is an e-bike?

Electric bikes use a motor to help riders pedal to an easier ride. Though models and motors vary, most kick in when you start to pedal and adjust according to your rate of pedalling.

How fast and far?

Standard models are typically capped at 25–32 km/h. Ranges vary between 25–100 km, depending on different factors. Remember, an e-bike is still a bike and all the same rules of the road apply. 

What about charging?

The battery takes up to six hours to charge from a standard wall outlet. Most batteries can be removed from the bike for easier charging.

Will I get any exercise?

More pedalling can help conserve battery life and increase your fitness. Many e-bike users get more exercise because they use the bike longer and more frequently.

Where to buy?

AMA Rewards partners like PRFO and Altitude Sports sell e-bikes. In Calgary, Canmore and Edmonton, Pedego produces a range of electric options, from city cruisers to off-road and cargo bikes. AMA members receive free fenders and a bell with bike purchase. Or rent a bike in Edmonton, Calgary, Jasper or Canmore and save up to 15%.