Courtesy / Marisa P. Clark

Member Spotlight: Marisa P. Clark

By Allison Bench

”I want to design clothes that evoke joy,” says AMA Member, Marisa P. Clark. Hence, the bright colours and cheery patterns of Faun, Clark’s womenswear label, which also uses earth-friendly materials.

That notion of joy works for both the customers of this Canadian clothing brand and the people who make the clothes. Although designed in Calgary, Faun clothing is made in Vietnam, in a facility committed to fair and ethical practices. “Sustainability is also about people,” Clark notes.

Her label supports the B.T. Mekong Delta Education Association, a charity started by her late mother, Diane. “Her mission was to bring safe, empowering education to rural Vietnam,” Clark says. Faun has since expanded its outreach to other local causes—a hospice and support programs for children with disabilities. “With the environmental destruction and human rights violations caused by the fast-fashion industry, it makes me happy to give people a sustainable alternative.” 

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