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How to Stop Holiday Season Porch Pirates in Their Tracks

By Kellie Davenport

Not all pirates wear eye patches and say “Argh!” Porch pirates prey on unattended packages and deliveries. A 2019 survey conducted for FedEx found one in four Canadians has had a package swiped.

In Alberta, the number is even higher at one in three. The pandemic has exacerbated the situation, as more Albertans than ever are shopping online and receiving deliveries. But you can stop thieves in their tracks. Take these extra steps to protect your gifts and goodies this holiday season:

Expecting a package or delivery?
If you’re not home, ask a friend or family member to drop by and receive it for you. The longer you leave a delivery unattended, the greater the chance of it being swiped.

Smart home security to help keep your property safe year-round

Go high-tech.
Security alarms, surveillance and doorbell cams connected to your smartphone help you monitor your porch while you’re away. Pick one up at The Source, where AMA members save up to 20%. Recorded footage may help you prove a theft if one occurs. You could also consider installing a porch safe or a secure lock box.

Common-sense solutions for rural home security

Still concerned? Opt for a store pickup instead.
More retailers offer this option, so you can choose to get your package on your schedule. As an added bonus, it’s usually free, which helps you avoid delivery charges. If something is stolen from your step, remember that insurance companies may not cover the goods. If you experience a theft, first contact the police to report the crime. Then reach out to the company or seller for possible reimbursement.