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The Dos and Don’ts of Halloween Safety

By AMA Staff

Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year for everyone, filled with friends, fun and frights. Given all of the extra activity, children, parents and drivers should take extra care to watch out for each other to help ensure a safe and happy Halloween for all.

DO help your trick-or-treaters to see at night. Look for costumes that use face paint instead of masks.

DON’T wear dark costumes without adding reflective strips to be more visible to drivers. Carrying glow sticks is another fun way to stand out.

DO plan a route ahead of time. If your little ones are trick-or-treating alone, walk through the route with them early in the week, and have set times for them to check in.

DON’T leave any dangerous items like tools, cords and debris in your walkway or yard.

DO have a safe, quiet place for your pets. Strangers and costumes may put them on edge.

DO trick-or-treat in a group, and stay together during the night. It’s more fun to be spooky with friends.

DON’T approach houses that do not have a light on.

DO remember to cross the road safely at crosswalks or street corners. Point to indicate your intent to cross, pause to double-check and make eye contact with any drivers, then proceed when it’s safe do so.

DO lift up your mask (if you’re wearing one) for a better view before crossing the street.

DON’T enter houses or get into cars of anyone you don’t know. If an offer is made, politely decline and then tell an adult right away.

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DO expect the unexpected. Watch out for children jaywalking, crossing driveways and stepping out from behind parked vehicles.

DO make eye contact with pedestrians. Masks and costumes can reduce a child’s view of the road.

DO stay focused behind the wheel. Avoid distractions like cell phones and other electronic devices. Give the Bluetooth the night off and keep your mind on the road.

Never, ever drink and drive. If you’re at a party, make it “none for the road” and plan for a safe ride home. Designated driver services throughout Alberta are available to help get you home if you’ve been drinking—and will make sure your car gets there too.