Greek burger. (photo: Alberta Milk)

Smile and Say Cheeseburger!

By AMA Staff

For many people, cheese is a staple in their refrigerators—and it’s no wonder. With so many varieties of cheese, it’s hard not to find a flavour that pleases your taste buds. From gooey, mild soft bries to sharp, aged goudas and strong blues, the world of cheese is almost endless.

How do I know I’m buying local when it comes to cheese?
To ensure you’re buying local when it comes to cheese, or any other dairy product, you can look for the Canadian Quality Milk logo or the “little blue cow” symbol. These logos mean that the product contains or is made with milk that meets the standards of Canada’s dairy industry, which is one of the highest quality standards in the world, and is also supporting local dairy farmers.

Cheese, please.
Our Backyard BBQ partner, Alberta Milk, has put together some great cheeseburger recipes featuring cheese made with 100% Canadian milk. Next time you throw a burger on the grill, switch up your cheddar-ketchup-mustard routine and try one of these creations!

Alberta milk cheese burger infographic