Grilling deer steaks. (photo: Liam Crotty)

Recipe Recap: Braving the Cold to Grill

By AMA Staff

With the sun setting earlier and the temperatures living below zero, we’re impressed with the number of Backyard BBQers lighting up their grills this month. Here’s what some of you cooked up:

• Liam headed out in the snow to grill a Sunday brunch of deer steak, cheese toast and eggs.

• When Teresa ran out of room on her stovetop, she found a non-traditional way to use her barbecue, cooking up homemade pasta.

• There’s nothing corny about this. Janice made a tin-can smoker to cook up a delicious-looking Cornish hen, and even provided the step-by-step instructions to make your own.

• As Backyard BBQer Nancy Magsig put it so well: “You really can’t say ‘ribs’ and ‘sherry honey glaze’ and then just move on.” So it’s a good thing Samantha shared her Spanish Pincho ribs with a honey sherry glaze recipe with the community (just check out the comments for the recipe).

• And you all cooked a whole lotta steaks!

If you’re still nervous about cold-weather outdoor cooking, we’ve got some tips from the professionals on how to embrace winter barbecuing.

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