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AMA’s Expert Centre Helping Make Travel Easy

By Craig Moy

Travel has changed dramatically over the past two years. Mostly it’s become more complicated—and the rules are still frequently evolving. Whether you need the latest info on vaccination requirements or just want inspiration for a future trip, AMA Travel can help. The new online Expert Centre makes it easy to get answers to all your most pressing travel questions. Here, Nikola Berube, AMA Travel’s director of sales, gives us the inside scoop.

What’s the idea behind AMA’s new Expert Centre?

Though not a lot of Albertans have been travelling over the past two years, we’ve still been getting lots of travel-related questions, especially about Covid regulations—entry requirements, testing, quarantine and rules for returning to Canada. But the rules have been changing quite often, and they differ from country to country. So we drew on our expertise to create a single hub where people can quickly get jargon-free advice.

It’s sort of a first step for people considering travel, but who are uncertain about the rules?

Exactly. It’s a tool to give you clarity about what travel looks like now. In addition to answering procedural questions, we also want you to understand the risks. The decision to travel is a personal choice, but there are legitimate reasons why we don’t recommend it under a Level 3 or 4 federal travel advisory. So even if you don’t travel now, we will help inspire your dream about a future trip—when you feel confident to go.

Once you feel confident, you can then book everything online with AMA Travel?

Yes. If you compare with the largest travel booking sites out there today, AMA Travel is the same if not better than what’s available online from both a product and pricing perspective. You can expect member-exclusive rates on car rentals and hotels, perks on cruises—and we are here if you need help. We’ve always got your back if anything goes awry.

And how do AMA Travel counsellors fit in?

If you’re browsing the website and are excited about the prospect of a trip, but you also want the expertise and recommendations of a travel specialist who can do the heavy lifting. From the online Expert Centre, you can access each travel counsellor’s web page, which lists their location, area of travel specialization, and the like. And you can make an appointment with them right from that page.

Does that provide additional peace of mind?

Regardless of how you book with AMA Travel, we’re there for you before, during and after your trip. Whether something happens and you need our support before departure, or if you purchased travel insurance with us and need help making a claim, or if there’s a crisis while you’re abroad and you need assistance getting home—we’re here to help you travel confidently.

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