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AMA News: Winter 2019

By AMA Staff

Did you know that the vast majority of traffic collisions are preventable and often due to some form of driver error? Top among those many possible errors: following too closely. That’s why we’ve started to call the practice of tailgating what it really is: failgating. Because driving too close behind another vehicle is a fail in every way. It slows traffic flow, diminishes your ability to react to hazards and is a leading reason for casualty collisions—which also means it makes auto insurance more expensive. Fortunately, this behind-the-wheel fail is easy to fix by following the three-second rule: When the back of the vehicle in front of you passes a fixed object (e.g. a sign or tree), you should be able to slowly count three full seconds before the front of your vehicle reaches the same object.

Some people better retain information when they read it on a printed page rather than a screen. Which is why the Alberta Driver’s Guide, though downloadable for free online, remains a popular physical purchase. Now available at AMA centres for $19.99 (or $24.99 for non-members), it’s another reason AMA is a one-stop shop for new drivers. Use the guide plus our free practice exam to prepare for the Class 7 learner’s test, and then write it at an AMA centre. When the time comes for lessons, we take pride in our comprehensive curriculum, top instructors and the best in-vehicle training in Alberta. Find the practice exam, register for driver’s ed and more at

Curl up with a juicy burger this winter at Original Joe’s or State & Main. AMA recently welcomed both eateries into our stable of AMA Rewards partners. Save 10% on your bill (excluding tax, alcohol, gratuity and purchase of gift cards). The restaurants are also included with the Ultimate Dining Card.

Dead automobile batteries can freeze in extreme cold, and trying to boost them could cause an explosion. To protect both your vehicle and yourself, have your battery tested or replaced before winter’s chill really sets in. Getting your battery tested by a mobile CAA Battery Service operator is free and convenient: We’ll come directly to you. And if you replace it with a rugged CAA Premium Battery, the call won’t count as one of your five annual roadside entitlements. CAA Battery Service is available for most makes and models, in select locations. Get a battery quote and request a service call online at

Earning a Four Diamond distinction from CAA/AAA is a major achievement: Just 2% of 32,000 eateries in North America rank as high. Edmonton’s The Butternut Tree is the latest to achieve this status, thanks to chef-owner Scott Downey’s eclectic menu of Canadian cuisine.

A recent survey by AMA found that one in three Albertans don’t have an emergency kit in their vehicle. But it can be a lifesaver in winter—especially during bad weather, when roadside responders may need more time to reach you. Buy a ready-made kit with emergency essentials at any AMA centre ($89.95 for members). Or build your own with a blanket, candles, matches, booster cables, a hand-crank flashlight, a shovel and a first-aid kit.

Gift cards from AMA are great as presents and for personal use. And now they help get you more: You’ll earn 5% back in reward dollars when you buy or reload any of our gift cards. Visit an AMA centre to choose from more than two dozen cards that can be used for both everyday purchases—like Safeway groceries—and splurges including Best Western hotel stays, dinners out at The Keg and beautiful baubles from Paris Jewellers.

Sign up online at to have your vehicle registration renew automatically, or visit an AMA centre. The start of your last name determines your registration’s expiry.

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