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AMA News: Summer 2022

By AMA Staff


We love our fur babies in this country. Eight million cats and more than 7.5 million dogs live in Canadian households, according to a 2020 survey from consumer research company Statista. And our pets are more than just pretty faces: They’ve been proven to boost mental health by offsetting loneliness, anxiety and depression. So, it’s only natural that we’d want what’s best for them, and that means keeping them protected.

In partnership with Pets Plus Us, AMA Insurance is pleased to introduce pet insurance to help reduce the stress of emergency veterinary costs or ongoing treatment for illnesses. With different levels of coverage available, you can customize a plan that meets your pet’s medical needs within your budget. Plus, as an AMA member, you can enjoy 12% savings. Coverage includes illness, injuries and accidents, hospitalization, surgery, hereditary conditions, diagnosis, prescription medications, alternative therapies and behavioural therapy. Let’s help our pets as much as they help us. Find out more at


Shell stations are your go-to neighbourhood hubs for gas, car washes and in-store snacks and essentials. Using your AMA membership card at the pump or in-store, you can save three cents a litre. And you’ll also score 10% off car washes and in-store products. Leave your car with a brilliant sheen and full tank of gas, ready for your next trip to the cabin. Your bank account will thank you, too: With regular fill-ups over a year, the savings add up to an average of $125—enough to pay for AMA membership renewal!


Identity theft cases have more than doubled in Canada within the past 10 years. AMA is committed to protecting you and your family from any hazard that may come your way, especially those least expected, like fraud and identity theft. AMA Shredding events help curb security threats and fraud by disposing of your sensitive materials as a free perk for members. Bring up to four boxes or bags of old credit cards and statements, or paperwork, and we’ll do the rest. Also support local food banks by bringing non-perishable foods to one of the events as part of AMA’s Fill Our Fleet program. Visit for more details. 


Review and manage your AMA account easily by moving to paperless e-billing. Over half of all AMA members have already made the switch allowing them to review their annual bill from the comfort of their inbox. Your e-bills won’t need to be shipped, and they don’t use paper. To sign up for e-billing, log into your AMA Online Account and update your billing preferences in just a couple of clicks.


In his 91 years, AMA member Robert Moshansky (right) had done it all—from a successful career in real estate, to managing car dealerships, to helping raise a family. What he hadn’t done was meet the CEO of AMA, where he’s been a proud member since 1960. So, the Lamont native decided he had nothing to lose by asking to meet Michelle Chimko (left)—and was happily surprised when we made it happen. “When I read about her in the magazine, I said, ‘I’ve got to meet this gal,’” Moshansky says.

In December 2021, he joined Michelle for a visit, where the two chatted about everything from their shared Ukrainian heritage to Moshansky’s first vehicle: a canary yellow 1948 Dodge half-ton. “I couldn’t get away with anything because everyone knew it was me!” Only recently retired (he waited until age 90 to step away from work), Moshansky is planning his next adventure. “Nobody believes my age; I don’t even believe it. I think my mom made a mistake on my birth certificate.”


Service Alberta has stopped issuing licence plate stickers. If you’ve relied on the sticker to remind you of your vehicle registration’s expiry, signing up for AMA’s Vehicle Registration Auto-Renew now makes more sense than ever. Register at or visit an AMA centre. The start of your last name determines your registration’s expiry.
May: C (except Cl), N 
June: Cl, H, Sc
July: Av, Be, L, Sz, V, Z 
August: E, Gr, R