A delicious shawarma-spiced burger on a pita (photo: Wanda Baker)

Recipe Recap: 11 Great Dishes from AMA’s Backyard BBQ

By AMA Staff

We’ve reached midsummer—and you’re now a grilling master, right? We’re here to test your skills and light your culinary fire with even more favourite recipes from our AMA Backyard BBQ community members and partners.


• We’re ever so jealous of the caramelization that Michelle managed to get on her saucy smoked ribs.

• Grilled poultry stays moist—and gets herbaceous—with this recipe for bacon-wrapped sage chicken courtesy of Backyard BBQ partner Mocha Local. Don’t forget the roast potato and asparagus sides!

• Wanda (and Savour Calgary) got our mouths watering with her take on shawarma-spiced Alberta beef burgers, drizzled with a tahini and garlic yogurt sauce.

• Alberta beef can be an option even if you’re craving a lighter meal. Exhibit A: These tangy grilled Hawaiian beef kabobs, with bites of honey-slathered steak, pineapple and sweet red peppers.

• Tyler worked some magic on his charcoal grill—and ended up with a batch of smoked chicken wings, slathered in homemade honey-garlic and “mild hot” sauces.

• Vegetable stems and stalks tend to be underutilized in most people’s kitchens, but this recipe for carrot-top pesto, courtesy of Backyard BBQ partner YYC Growers, shows that even humble carrot greens can be a star ingredient.

• The Egg Farmers of Alberta, another one of our Backyard BBQ partners, drew our attention to this delectable warm bacon and egg dill potato salad, a perfect family-style side for your next barbecue meal.

• Speaking of salad, this simple grilled watermelon salad from Janice Smella also makes a colourful statement.

• An umami-forward marinade brought out the flavours of the AAA Alberta rib-eye steaks that Misty recently grilled (and then devoured).

• Looking for a just-sweet-enough accompaniment for barbecued pork tenderloin? Linda’s grilled apple and pear slices (finished with malt vinegar and smoked sea salt) are just the ticket.

• Pro tip: Make a dozen of Backyard BBQ partner Jordan’s General Store’s beef and melted cheese sliders for a barbecue lunch and you’ll enough to savour again at dinnertime!

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