Savour Calgary's steak al carbon (photo: Wanda Baker)

Recipe Recap: 7 New Dishes from AMA’s Backyard BBQ

By AMA Staff

With September approaching, summer is coming to an unofficial end. But that hardly means you have to call a halt to outdoor cooking. Our AMA Backyard BBQers sure won’t be! This week they’ve offered up a number of savoury (and sweet) recipes to keep you grills hot even while the weather starts to cool.


• Valda went hog wild a barbecued sweet chili bacon pie—filled to the brim with savoury potatoes and onions.

• Looking for a super-easy side dish to please everyone at your table? Russell offers his enticing gluten-free mac ‘n’ cheese with a Doritos crust.

• David favoured us with a whole meal’s worth of Mexican flavours: grilled pork chops with an oregano, cumin and coriander rub; roasted tomatillo salsa; and Mexican-style rice and beans.

• Or you could give your dinner a Spanish twist with Savour Calgary’s recipe for steak al carbon. It’s the perfect dish for showing off your charcoal-grilling prowess.

• Another way to punch up your beef? Aimee suggests this recipe for the “best steak marinade in existence.” Try it yourself to see if the name holds true.

• Backyard BBQ partner YYC Growers and Distributors showed us how to give burgers a boost with a zingy seasoning for Alberta beef patties.

• For a perfect dessert and digestif combo, Ross and Esther suggest grilled rum-and-cinnamon-marinated peaches and ice cream, accompanied by a few sips of nicely aged port.

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