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Recipe Recap: 5 New Dishes from AMA’s Backyard BBQ

By AMA Staff

AMA Backyard BBQers have been flipping burgers and smoking ribs all summer long—and they’re showing no signs of slowing down! Check out our latest batch of community-recommended recipes to keep your late-season grill game going strong. 


• Not every grilling session has to include juicy burgers or a tomahawk steak. Backyard BBQer Vince shows us that barbecued food can be healthy, too, with his miso-glazed chicken power bowl, featuring ingredients from Lacombe’s Thistle Hill Farms.

• Aimee bought a new smoker, picked up a huge brisket and gave it a “big bad beef rub” before cooking it to perfection.

• David took his grill game to Tuscany by creating a mouth-watering panzanella salad with grilled peaches.

• For a refreshing, flavourful patio drink, AMA Backyard BBQ partner GrewV Spice suggests mixing up a Bloody Caesar, punched up with Jamaican jerk seasoning.

• Or put some fish to the fire with this easy recipe for barbecued salmon, also courtesy of GrewV Spice.

Discover even more recipes from our Backyard BBQ community—for whatever you’re cooking up today:
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