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How AMA Covers You When You’re Outside Alberta

By Craig Moy

If there’s one thing Canadians generally agree on, it’s the value of our healthcare system. A policy covers a lot, but not not everything when you leave Alberta. An unexpected accident or medical emergency could still leave you with out-of-pocket expenses on your out-of-province getaway. Travel medical insurance can help fill the gaps in your government healthcare coverage. AMA’s multi-trip annual plan ensures your protection for limitless trips within Canada over 12 months. Here are a few ways AMA has your back while you explore from coast to coast.


Provincial governments subsidize the cost of ambulance services—but only for their residents. An Albertan who breaks their leg skiing in B.C. will be charged about $500 for the ride to the hospital. But if you fall while hiking at Pacific Rim National Park, transportation by air ambulance will cost thousands more. AMA’s travel insurance covers the expenses—plus transportation back to Alberta by air ambulance, if needed.


Being hospitalized is no one’s idea of a good time—especially if you’re far from home. AMA policies cover expenses so a loved one can lend support. If you’re travelling alone, we can help a family member get to your bedside ASAP. If you’re already with a companion, they may be reimbursed for certain expenses (such as food and lodging) that they might incur to stay with you.


“How will I return my rental car?” It’s probably not a question that’s top-of-mind during a medical emergency. Nonetheless, it’s an inconvenience that needs to be addressed—and AMA can help. A policy covers reasonable expenses for returning your rental vehicle during medical incapacitation or hospitalization. And if you’re travelling in your vehicle, we can get it back home too.

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With AMA’s Travel Medical insurance plan, you can obtain a virtual medical assessment by a licensed doctor when you’re away. You can also see a virtual doctor while travelling in Canada—even within Alberta. Over a video call, a physician can diagnose various non-emergency ailments or injuries and write prescriptions, allowing you to avoid a potentially long drive and wait time at a clinic or ER.


Alberta Health Care doesn’t cover non-physician practitioners in Alberta or other provinces. In some cases, AMA helps fill in this gap. AMA covers you should you require emergency dental treatment (like a chipped tooth due to a car collision) or need a chiropractic solution to back pain after a fall. And if you happen to break your glasses, you could be reimbursed for the cost of the repair.

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