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Grand Advice for Booking Multigenerational Travel

By Bonnie Staring

The photos tell the story: three generations in front of the Sacré-Coeur Cathedral; your youngest beneath the Arc de Triomphe; your parents and kids making chocolates together. These unforgettable family moments are part and parcel of a multigenerational vacation—to Paris or anywhere else. “But no matter the trip, make sure everyone has a say and that everyone’s needs are met,” says Shawnda Beaudoin, senior travel consultant at AMA Travel. And plan well in advance: nine to 12 months ahead for peak travel periods.

For families who want to explore together, AMA Travel works with companies whose guided vacations have highlights everyone can enjoy—like Roman gladiator school, Harry Potter’s London and African photo safaris. Visiting a destination with a professional driver and guide is a no-fuss way for your family to see and learn more while enjoying time with one another.

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Seek family-oriented resorts with kids’ clubs plus activities and dining options. “Everyone can do as they like, without having to carry cash,” Beaudoin says. She and her colleagues have visited many top resorts and are eager to share insider tips. Mexico remains a favourite destination for resorts; WestJet and Transat offer non-stop service from Alberta.

Grandparents love watching little ones interact with Disney characters, but it takes a lot of prep for those hugs from Elsa and Mickey to happen. AMA Travel’s Disney specialists have vast knowledge of Disney Parks, and help ensure you visit the right park for your family. They also alert you to perks—like early park entry for guests at Disney resort hotels.

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Cruising is a seamless way to visit multiple locales, feast on gourmet food and enjoy Broadway-style shows while only unpacking once. “Adults can take it easy on days at sea, and we can work with local guides to create private, family-only excursions on land,” Beaudoin says, adding that AMA can likewise advise you on everything from staterooms to onboard amenities.

Travelling with more people—usually 10 adults minimum—can mean added benefits, like dining upgrades or preferred rooms. You may even get a complimentary booking, with the option to spread the savings among your group. “Every hotel and cruise line has different conditions for bonuses,” Beaudoin says. “We help you get the best value.”

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