Courtesy / Jamie Street

Winter Pet Safety Tips

By AMA Staff

Our furry family members bring so much joy to our lives, but can, just like our human kids, get into a little trouble. To cope with wintertime’s own set of pet-related challenges, here’s a cheat sheet to help you avoid any extra visits to the vet.

Keep holiday treats and accessories out of reach

Store human food away from pets. And avoid the temptation to give them leftovers as “treats”—rich food can cause pancreatitis!

Make sure they stay hydrated

Pets need as much water in winter as they do in the summertime. Ensure that they drink plenty of water or consume enough wet food.

Safeguard their paws

Protect your dog’s paws from road salt by outfitting them with booties or applying paw balm as needed.

Monitor time spent outside

Some dog breeds are better at handling the cold than others. Monitor your pet closely for signs of discomfort when outdoors.

Check your engine

Cats that go outdoors may opt to cozy up to your vehicle’s engine in search of a warm spot in wintertime. Bang on the hood before you start your car.

Watch out for anti-freeze

Antifreeze tastes sweet but is highly toxic to pets, so mop up any spills and leaks.