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Straight Answers About AMA Travel Medical Insurance

By AMA Staff

In the past three years, 5,000 AMA members have attended information sessions about travel medical insurance for out-of-province trips. After hosting many events, AMA Travel’s Pam Murray can predict the questions that will invariably be asked. (Maybe you’ve even thought to ask them!) Here, the travel insurance sales manager responds to your top queries.

Am I insurable if I’ve had heart bypass surgery?
If you indicate on your medical questionnaire that you’ve had a bypass, you’ll be directed to our underwriting department. They’ll ask more questions to see if you’re eligible for coverage. Another option: AMA Travel* has travel- package policies that include a medical insurance component without a questionnaire, which may benefit higher-risk travellers. These policies do, however, have age and trip-duration limits.

What about medical stability requirements. Am I covered if my medication changes?
A stable medical condition means everything has been status quo for three or six months prior to your departure date, depending on your age. A change in meds (be it a new drug or different dosage) could affect your condition; your medical history would have to indicate stability. Dosage adjustments for insulin and Coumadin are exempt from this requirement.

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Stability also means you haven’t had any new or more frequent symptoms or a change in treatment, nor have you undergone any medical intervention or hospitalization, and you’re not waiting for tests to be completed or for results.

If my blood-pressure medication changes, will I be covered for a heart attack?
That depends on your medical history. High blood pressure is a cardiovascular condition, not a heart condition (the two aren’t automatically linked). You can have high blood pressure without a heart condition, and vice-versa. We’ll evaluate your eligibility based on your medical history.

Can a claim be denied if I make a mistake on the questionnaire?
Many insurers do have a zero-tolerance policy for inaccurate responses. The medical questionnaire assesses risk based on your health history. If your answers are inaccurate and you’re assessed incorrectly, it’s understandable that your coverage would be void.

At AMA Travel, we understand that it’s possible to make an honest mistake on the form. If that happens to you, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment before making a decision. You may be able to pay the difference in the premium, which will be based on the corrected answers on your questionnaire, plus the first $5,000 of the claim.

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What makes AMA different from other insurers?
Our travel insurance provider, Orion Travel Insurance, is owned by AMA Travel and CAA South Central Ontario. Its mandate is to offer good coverage and great service—at a fair rate—to our members.

We have a very low denial rate, no age limit, coverage for pre-existing conditions if stability criteria are met, multi-trip plans and more. Remember: AMA Travel is always here to help you, plus Orion has medical personnel on staff to answer questions about your medical coverage. We want to ensure you’re as informed and protected as possible when travelling.

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*AMA Travel Insurance is underwritten by Orion Travel Insurance Company.  Certain exclusions, limitations and restrictions apply. Subject to certain terms, conditions and limitations.