Andrew Glook / Unsplash

Safety on Two Wheels: Summer Bicycling Tips

By Allison Bench

Whether you’re on two wheels, four or more, it’s everyone’s responsibility to stay focused and follow road laws to protect cyclists. Even in places that have cycling infrastructure, cyclists and drivers end up sharing the road. Cyclists are particularly vulnerable in these situations and need the right gear to be seen, heard and protected. Here’s how to be well equipped for a safe ride: 


Albertans under the age of 18 must wear a bike helmet. All riders should. To ensure the right fit, follow the 2-V-1 rule. The helmet rim should sit two finger widths above the eyebrows. Ensure the straps form a V under the ears. One finger should fit between the chin and chin strap. 


Bicycles need a working bell or horn used to alert other cyclists when you’re approaching or attempting to pass. But don’t assume a bell is loud enough to alert cars to your presence. 


All bikes must be illuminated for rides at night and on rainy or foggy days. Attach a white light to the handlebars or the front of the frame and add a red rear light and reflector. 


Wear proper running or cycling shoes, along with fitted pants that won’t get caught in the chain. Consider adding reflective tape to your clothing, helmet and bike. 

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