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One Is the Loveliest Number: How to Travel Solo

By Allison Bench

TRAVELLING ON YOUR OWN can be intimidating. But those who’ve taken the plunge will often continue to go it alone. “It’s exhilarating because every single day is yours to go where you want and do what you want,” says solo travel pro and senior tour director at WestWorld Tours, Koral Hrominchuk. “I find my senses are more heightened to experiences, perhaps because they have to be.” 

Thinking it’s time for your first solo? Here’s some advice. 


Independence is one of the main draws of solo travel. The freedom to do what you want, when you want to, can be a welcome change from the obligations of your day-to-day life. Go solo and nobody else’s needs or preferences are your problem—and that can be a vacation in itself. It’s time to put yourself first. 


First time out? Keep it simple. Try a short trip, maybe to somewhere you’ve already been. Or try this: Take a few days apart from your travel companion—go where you want, do what you want—before meeting up again. 


Set up regular check-ins with someone at home or at your hotel and share your itinerary. Giving the impression that someone is waiting for you makes you seem less vulnerable. Register with the Canadian government. Don’t be a conspicuous target for robbery—forget the flashy jewellery and be discreet with cash. 


A group tour can be a revelatory solution, balancing solo travel with social support. “Travelling solo in a group often appeals to people who do not normally travel alone, but still want to get out there,” says Lois Sarkisian, group tours manager at Journeys by CAA Niagara. “In a group, a solo traveller has the option to participate in extra activities on their own or with someone in the group, which can be particularly great during mealtime.” 


AMA Travel counsellor Tammy Allen suggests speaking to one of their counsellors who specialize in solo travel. “We can find the best value for our solo travellers, and can make recommendations to help ease stress and anxiety.” One example is the advice to pack light, keeping your baggage to only carry-on. Struggling with more than you can manage on your own is a challenge you don’t need. 

The number one tip for solo travel though is just take the leap and go. 

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