Lindsay Heisler supports local businesses

By Jeremy Freed

Small businesses are the soul of every Canadian community, but as any small-business owner will tell you, attracting new customers is a continual challenge. Luckily, central Alberta’s small-business entrepreneurs have Lindsay Heisler in their corner. Heisler has made it her mission to bring customers to their doorsteps through Whisk’d Away with Lindsay, her boutique tour company offering customized day trips to local businesses throughout the region.

“We visit boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, distilleries, home businesses, growers and artists during a Whisk’d Away with Lindsay adventure,” says Heisler. “I create a personalized experience for each group and everything is pre-booked. It’s a very full day and so much fun!”

As a former chef at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park, Heisler is no stranger to the hospitality sector. After starting a Facebook page devotes to sharing her favourite local restaurants, boutiques and artisans, she began fielding requests from folks asking to tag along as she explored communities near her home, outside of the town of Provost. “My Family and friends encouraged me to do more of what I love, so I created Whisk’s Away with Lindsay.” Since launching her business with a tour of Wainright in late 2022, Heisler has hosted more than 20 groups for outings to Stettler, Lloydminster, Camrose, Vermillion, Provost, Lacombe and Bentley.

While she loves sharing her favourites with new people, Heisler is equally gratified to shine a light on the people behind local businesses and create new connections. “I love how the venues I choose share their stories of hard work and passion for their businesses. Seeing the happiness, laughing, sharing, new friendships and people supporting each other that happens on these adventures is such a positive experience. What’s better than that?”