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Keep on (Food) Truckin’: How AMA Registry Services helps small businesses

By Nadine Robinson

When Kayanne Raber and her husband, Nolan, were preparing to launch Crooked Creek Donut Truck in 2019, they turned to AMA Registry Services in Grande Prairie. That’s where they met AMA business specialist Heather Roy, who helped them incorporate their numbered company and trade name—and who has been helping their business ever since.

“We trusted AMA to do things properly,” says Raber. “Heather (Roy) has been with us from the beginning.” Roy does the annual returns for the business, something the Rabers are grateful to have off their plate.

In addition to business specialists providing in-person help, including fleet services, AMA has resources online where that can be leveraged to find the expert advice you need. Small businesses are vital to Canada’s economy, something the stats bear out, says Roy. According to 2021 data from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, 97.9 percent of Canada’s 1.21 million businesses were categorized as small. They employed 8.2 million people and generated 42.7 percent of Canada’s export value.

“AMA has been a trusted small-business partner for over 50 years, both with registry services and as an important part of starting and helping small businesses grow,” says Roy, a self-admitted devotee of the Rabers’ lemon cream donut. AMA business registry services supports Alberta entrepreneurs, extending the same trusted registry services members rely on, to their business. Business specialists are there to support business owners by providing a direct partnership to ease uncertainty and to help entrepreneurs focus on their passion—running their business.

“We can map your small-business journey,” notes Roy, “to avoid pitfalls on the road of business.” And even better, with an AMA business specialist, you’re in the driver’s seat, but not alone. 

Running a home-based business? If your business was worth starting, it’s worth protecting.  

-Business operations—including equipment and inventory—are often excluded from home insurance policies. You may need to upgrade and update your policy. 

-Your home liability insurance may not be adequate, given today’s litigation trends. Look into a commercial general liability insurance (CGL) policy to protect you, your assets and your employees.  

-Contact AMA Insurance to see what business insurance policy is right for you and if you should consider incorporating to further protect your personal assets. 

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