Get Your Vehicle Road Ready

By AMA Staff

Heading out? Don’t just prepare for the destination; prepare for the journey. A pre-trip vehicle checkup beats a repair bill on the road. Here are some key prep pointers:

Inspect your vehicle

Check the tire pressure, tire treads, battery life, radiator, hoses and fluids. Battery and coolant issues are a top cause of summer breakdowns, so pay special attention to those during your inspection. Also make sure you’re up to date on all recommended services listed in your owner’s manual.

Update your emergency kit

Be prepared for all possibilities on a road trip. Your emergency kit should include booster cables, reflective triangles, first aid kit, cellphone charger, blanket, folding shovel, working flashlight, drinking water and snacks. In summertime, make sure you also have sunscreen. Pack your own kit or purchase AMA’s Emergency Roadside Kit, which costs $139.99 for members.

Get registered

Register or renew any passenger vehicle, including cars, light trucks, vans, RVs, motorcycles and off-highway vehicles.

Check your coverage

An AMA membership is a must-have travel companion on your road trip. Keep your card handy and know what your membership covers before you go. No matter where you are—even outside of the province—AMA is just a phone call away.

Visit one of our Approved Auto Repair Service (AARS) shops for an inspection or maintenance before a trip.