How to Choose a High-Quality Alberta Driving School

By AMA Staff

Whether you have a new driver in the family or you’re brushing up on your own skills behind the wheel, there’s a lot to navigate when it comes to choosing an Alberta driving school. We asked Rick Lang of AMA Driver Education to answer some of your questions.

How do you know if a driving school is legit?
Alberta Transportation must approve all driving schools in the province. A school should have a licence visible on its premises. If you don’t see one, walk away.

Does it matter how long a school has been around?
A school’s age can speak volumes about its track record. Be cautious of mom-and-pop driving schools that have only been operating for a few years—they may lack teaching experience. On the other hand, AMA Driver Education has been around for 80 years. We’ve taught more than 850,000 Albertans how to become safe, proactive drivers.

How do I know if the instructors are good?
Before being certified by Alberta Transportation, all driving instructors complete a mandatory course. But new drivers should look for a school that trains its instructors beyond the minimum requirements. AMA has a comprehensive instructor-training program. Our instructors must undertake professional development several times a year to refresh their skills and teaching methods, and to review new government legislation. We’re not just helping students pass the road test, we’re teaching them lifelong safe-driving skills.

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Is price an indicator of quality?
Remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” Some schools offer low prices for a reason: You get less in-car time, poor instruction or out-of-date teaching methods. At AMA, we don’t cut corners. We prepare you to drive safely in real-world situations.

How do online courses work?
Instead of classroom instruction, online courses help students learn the rules of the road at home—and at their own pace—before taking in-car lessons. AMA Driver Education was one of the first schools in the province to offer this type of learning. We have courses for new drivers, as well as for experienced drivers who want to brush up.

What about study materials?
Most schools don’t offer resources beyond what they hand out in the classroom. And you’re often on your own when looking for study help. All AMA Driver Education students have access to a range of additional materials, such as study guides, a practice app, flashcards and an online resource library with chat support. We even offer a coaching guide for parents.

Isn’t winter the worst time to learn how to drive?
Many people are apprehensive about learning to drive in winter, but it’s actually the best time: You learn how to brake, accelerate and manoeuver in the worst weather conditions. Really, you’re getting winter-driving lessons for free.

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Strength in numbers: Every year, we teach more than 10,000 new and 6,900 experienced drivers.

Teacher training: Our 151 licensed instructors are rigorously vetted, and receive additional training at least twice annually.

The more you know: Students are provided with a range of educational materials, including handbooks, apps and study guides.

The choice is yours: Our extensive slate of programming offers flexibility for students—plus a return/exchange policy.