AMA’s Superheroes for Small Business

By Allison Bench

THE TEAM AT AMA REGISTRIES includes business specialists at centres across the province, and they’ve been trained in-house to understand how to support Alberta entrepreneurs, right from the start. 

All AMA members have access to agents who can provide advice on starting, growing and protecting a small business. This benefit provides a full suite of business registry services, from annual returns and shareholder changes to amalgamations. “I am part investigator and part psychic, but mostly I am a document specialist,” says Laura Edmonds, a business specialist at AMA Registries in Calgary. “I love to help our clients work their way through government forms in different ways, so they understand exactly what is going on.” 

Edmonds walks small business owners through every registry step required. “I am able to help them start their company, help them maintain it through the years that they operate. And when they are ready to step away, I am able to help them close the company.” 

Meanwhile, Emily Walker, a business specialist at AMA in Edmonton, is more than happy to share her in-depth knowledge for corporate registry needs. Walker helps small-business owners by simplifying the registry process. “I am mindful to tailor the customer service I provide to each client according to their individual needs.” 

Corporate registry services can be completed over the phone, through e-mail or by booking an appointment to allow clients to skip the registries line. “This way, our small-business owners get their time back to do what they do best,” notes Walker. 

AMA offers a free business account to any Alberta-based company that submits a business enrollment form to AMA Registries, which gives them AMA member rates on corporate registry services and an assigned business specialist to cater to their needs. 

Connect with a business specialist at and find out how we can simplify your work. 

AMA has business specialists across the province to help Albertans: