AMA News: Spring 2021

By AMA Staff

AMA member and employee Melanie McIntyre and her husband, Chris, know a thing or two about supporting the home team. Since the 1980s, the Edmonton Oilers superfans have experienced the highs of Stanley Cup wins and lows of a 10-year playoff drought. Win or lose, the couple and their four pugs sport the NHL squad’s orange and blue as it seeks to redeem its untimely ouster from last year’s playoffs. The McIntyres drive with pride too: Both their vehicles are fitted with Oilers licence plates, which they purchased through AMA Registries. Also available for Calgary Flames fans, the plates can be purchased for $84 (plus registration fees), with most of the cost going to local charities. Whether you’re rooting for Connor McDavid or Johnny Gaudreau­—or fondly remembering Mark Messier or Lanny McDonald—a logo-emblazoned licence plate is a fun way to show your “Battle of Alberta” allegiance.

How do we continue to prevent the preventable? We keep the conversation going. AMA is reminding drivers about the dual dangers of device distraction and impaired driving. Research by CAA National shows some Canadians don’t realize that texting isn’t the only way to be distracted on the road. Just looking at a phone—by scrolling social media, changing a playlist or checking the GPS—can slow your reaction time and lead to a collision. Cannabis use likewise impairs your ability to drive, and edibles can be particularly wily culprits. It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to feel their effects, which can then be stronger and last longer than those from inhaled cannabis. The message is clear: Keep your eyes on the road while in the driver’s seat, but if you’ve used cannabis, you shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Shopping online at Canada’s top book and lifestyle store is now more rewarding with AMA’s new Indigo Gift Card. Like our other reloadable cards for Hudsons Canada’s Pub and the Ultimate Dining Card, just pick up an Indigo card at any AMA centre and you’ll earn 5% cash back on the purchase amount, plus 5% every time you reload the card (at an AMA centre or via your AMA online account). Then redeem your earnings for almost anything AMA offers. Click here to learn how using AMA gift cards for your everyday purchases can really add up.

illustrations: Cindy Lubinic

We updated some AMA membership benefits to better reflect the way you live:

$100 for exploring: Premier members get $100 in reward dollars annually for new AMA Travel bookings of $1,000 or more per person. Use them to help pay for hotels, car rentals and more!

More tire swaps: AMA’s mobile tire change service is now available to all membership levels and in most major cities. Premier members save $40 off member-exclusive pricing and Plus members save $30.

Four basic calls: As of your 2021 renewal date, Basic members get four roadside requests per membership year. Even if you drive less, or for shorter distances, you can still get help when you need it—plus all the other perks of AMA membership.

Battery discounts: Did a mobile battery test conclude that you need a replacement? Premier members now save $40 off member-exclusive pricing for new CAA Premium batteries, while Plus members save $20.

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Sign up online to have your vehicle registration renew automatically, or visit an AMA centre. The start of your last name determines your registration’s expiry.

Feb.: M, Q
Mar.: B, Y
Apr.: D, G (except Gr)

Passing the Class 7 knowledge test is a milestone in every young Albertan’s driving journey. But taking any exam can be nerve-wracking. Rookie drivers gain confidence to ace the test—and set themselves up for a lifetime of safe driving—by enrolling in AMA’s new Learner’s Licence Prep Course. With 10 engaging, visually descriptive lessons and a practice test based on the Alberta Driver’s Guide, the online course offers beginner motorists the freedom to learn at their own pace on an iPhone, Android device, tablet or a PC at home.

Many AMA Registries services are accessible from the comfort of your home, including:

• Vehicle registration renewal
• Vehicle Information Reports and lien searches
• Corporate Registry services, such as filing an Annual Return
• Land Title searches
• Appointment bookings with an AMA Registries agent—for driver knowledge tests, marriage licences, business incorporation and more.

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Earning a driver’s licence isn’t easy, but AMA is pleased to help stream-line the process for all Albertans. Visit here to book a Class 4, 5 or 6 road test online at a time that fits your schedule. Once your young driver passes the road test, reward them with an AMA membership for peace of mind as they continue their driving journey.