The Doctor is Online: Accessing Virtual Medical Assistance through AMA

By AMA Staff

When it comes to international travel, this year is looking pretty similar to last year. Though vaccines have begun to roll out worldwide, COVID-19 remains the most significant challenge of our time. For most of us, that means dreaming about future vacations while staying at home.

But it is possible to take trips within Alberta. We’re lucky to live in a province that’s filled with natural wonders, exciting activities, and scenic cities and towns. And if you have a multi-trip annual insurance policy from AMA Travel, your next road trip will be even more convenient—with new, in-province virtual emergency medical assistance.

The ability to obtain a virtual assessment by a Canadian doctor was already available to multi-trip policy holders travelling abroad. Now that service applies if you’re travelling within your home province—or even stay-cationing at home.

Say you’re at the family cabin. A few days after your arrival, your son develops a blistery red rash on his legs. You place a call to AMA Assistance, which then connects you with a Canadian doctor who can provide virtual emergency medical assistance. Over a video conference, the MD confirms your child’s exposure to poison ivy, prescribes a topical cream and provides treatment details. After the consultation, you can pick up the prescription at a pharmacy—no clinic or emergency room visit required.

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“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many more Albertans are choosing to travel closer to home,” says Nikola Berube, AMA Travel’s director of sales. “AMA’s founding mission was to help and advocate for Alberta drivers, including local road trippers, so this new coverage is another way we can protect Albertans.”

AMA Travel Insurance, which is underwritten by Orion Travel Insurance Company, is the first Canadian insurer of its kind to offer virtual medical assistance for in-province travel. Four in-province or at-home virtual consultations are available as part of AMA’s multi-trip annual plan. (There is no cap on the number of consultations if you’re travelling outside of Alberta.)

“It’s a really useful way to get some advice before you take further steps,” Berube says. “It’s faster and easier to have a virtual assessment, rather than having to find and drive to a clinic or hospital, and potentially wait an hour or two before seeing a doctor.”

For non-emergencies like minor allergic reactions and soft-tissue injuries, an online appointment can be a real time-saver. If you plan to take two or more trips within Alberta or Canada over the next year, a multi-trip annual plan ensures you have the travel insurance you need.

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It applies to Canadian trips over a 365-day period, offering comprehensive coverage for medical expenses and costs to return home that may not be covered by provincial health plans.

As with any travel insurance policy, certain conditions and exclusions may apply. And with continued uncertainty about COVID-19, it’s only natural to have questions. For answers to travellers’ most common queries, visit AMATravel.ca/TravelAlerts

If your multi-trip annual plan expired less than 6 months ago, renew now and save 10%, plus 10% more for AMA members. Call an AMA Travel insurance specialist at 1-866-989-6595.