photo: Paul Swanson

5 Ways to Ensure Roadside Safety

By AMA Staff

Roadside safety is always on the minds of AMA employees, especially as the number and severity of roadside incidents in Alberta is on the rise. All emergency responders need a safe place to work. It’s the law. Here’s what you need to know to help keep Alberta’s roadsides safe for workers.

• Slow down to 60 kilometres per hour (or less, if the speed limit is lower) if you’re in the lane next to a tow truck with its lights flashing.

• If possible, move to the far lane to give tow operators room to work safely.

• If you’re in the far lane or if there’s a buffer lane between you and the truck, proceed cautiously. Be prepared to make way for vehicles changing lanes or slowing down.

• In any emergency situation, slow down and drive with caution. Stay alert and create extra room between your vehicle and those around you.

• Awareness campaigns, such as AMA’s Give Us Room to Work, help to change motorists’ behaviour. Research conducted by Canada’s Traffic Injury Research Foundation reports that road safety campaigns reduce speeding by 16 percent and the number of road incidents by nine percent.