This is AMA: Mo and Sumira

By AMA Staff

When the Alberta economy took a dive in 2016, Mo Habib and Sumira Duggal wanted to help their community. After reaching out to social services, the husband-and-wife team learned the answer was right at their feet: socks.

Turns out, one of the most-needed items at many shelters is a warm pair of socks. Seeking to serve the organizations that were serving others, Mo and Sumira got to work—and Mr. Nice Socks was born.

“The entire vision of the company is giving back,” says Mo, explaining that for every pair of socks sold, two pairs are donated to those affected by poverty or homelessness. “We’re all only a couple of paychecks away from needing community support.”

This inspiring Edmonton couple is our latest member story in This is AMA.