This is AMA: Laura and Chris Grant

By AMA Staff

From the moment you arrive at Chris and Laura Grant’s Calgary home, you know you’re in for something special. Their front door is canary yellow. Their eco-friendly yard is wild and inviting. And once inside, you’re greeted with Lego furnishings, grassroots artwork, and eclectic mementos from their travels.

But above all else, Chris and Laura’s home is a shrine to cycling–a shared passion that saw the couple invent Alberta Bike Swap in 2011. The non-profit events, which just wrapped their final year under the Grants’ management, provide a safe environment for people to buy and sell used bicycles across the province.

In the July edition of This is AMA, a video series celebrating our membership community, the Grants talk about community, Laura’s great rack (not what you think) and their desire to be “a conduit for the goodness in Alberta.”