This is AMA: Donovan Workun

By AMA Staff

Donovan Workun is a noted Edmonton actor, improv artist and corporate trainer. But perhaps more than any of that, he’s a storyteller who spins yarns that crackle with so much life, you feel like you lived them yourself.

He’ll regale you with stories from his 27 Rolling Stones concerts, the artifacts of which make his home look like a Mick Jagger exhibition. He’ll tell you about the time his mother narrowly missed being a part of the All-American Girls Pro Baseball League—best known by its depiction in the film A League of their Own. He’ll even deliver a passionate treatise on why the “majestic” magpie should be Edmonton’s official bird (don’t ask—honestly).

But in the August edition of This is AMA, a video series celebrating our membership community, Donovan has a tale of a different sort—one celebrating tradition, small-town Alberta, and the unexpected curb appeal of a neon Burger Baron sign.