This is AMA: Curtis Goodman

By AMA Staff

In 2007, Curtis Goodman learned that if people curbed just one habit, it would eliminate half the litter in Lethbridge. Cigarette butts accounted for 50 percent of trash littered across the city’s trails, coulees and streets—posing a threat to wildlife and grasslands alike—so he knew getting people to safely dispose of them would have a major effect.

Curtis was just one man, but he was determined to make a difference.

Today, Curtis is known as Lethbridge’s “Clean-Up Guy” thanks to 12 years of helping keep his community clean and encouraging others to do the same. Alongside a team of equally passionate volunteers, he’s participated in more than 100 organized clean-ups—work that recently earned Lethbridge a prestigious international designation.

In the October edition of This is AMA, a video series celebrating our membership community, Curtis shares his gusto for garbage-busting, along with his unique definition of a fairy-tale ending.