This is AMA: Ann Vriend

By AMA Staff

When Alberta went on lockdown, the music didn’t stop for singer Ann Vriend; it just changed venues. After cancelling her German tour, then isolating in her home (like most of the province), the Edmonton musician decided to give back to her community the best way she knew how: through song.

In April, Vriend began hosting weekly porch concerts in her inner-city neighbourhood of McCauley. The free performances have helped her connect with her neighbours and imbue the community with optimism during isolating times.

It’s a theme that runs deep in Ann’s music, which has long addressed social issues and the need for people to help when they can. The award-winning musician has even recorded two songs with kids from her neighbourhood.

In this month’s This is AMA, we invite you to take a front-row seat for one of her porch performances.