This is AMA: Amber Skyrpan

By AMA Staff

Amber Skyrpan is a small-town girl with big dreams. But what separates the 27 year old from a thousand country songs are the physical challenges she’s overcoming to achieve those dreams.

Born without a right femur, Amber has walked a difficult path—both with and without a prosthetic leg. Yet, from the time she was a child, she’s never equated doing things differently with being “different.” Amber’s parents, three older sisters, and supportive hometown (all 100 of them) made sure of that.

So, when her high school gym teacher suggested she try “sitting volleyball,” Amber’s initial reaction wasn’t one of excitement. She didn’t consider herself disabled and had no interest in what she presumed to be a stationary sport.

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Fortunately, Amber’s love of volleyball, and family history with the sport, inspired her to give it a chance. And the Canadian Paralympian has never looked back.

In our latest This is AMA video, Amber—an AMA member and employee—shares a story that will hit home with anyone who’s ever refused to take no for an answer.