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Summer (Home) Lovin’: House Painting Inside and Out

By Janet Gyenes

It’s hard to achieve a sense of serenity when there’s paint chipping from your windowsills and scuffs on your living room walls. Kevin Skelly, marketing manager at Cloverdale Paint, offers a primer for rehabbing your house painting inside and out.

Indoors: It’s an easy way to update the look and feel of a space with just a weekend’s work. New paint also helps protect walls and surfaces from everyday wear and tear.

Outdoors: It protects and rejuvenates exterior surfaces that take a beating from snow, ice, rain and sun.

Indoors: Every four to five years for high-traffic areas (kitchens, bathrooms and hallways).

Outdoors: About every 10 years—or less if existing paint has been noticeably damaged by the elements.

Indoors: For high-traffic areas, go with 100-percent acrylic paint. “It’s like plastic in a can.”

Outdoors: Ask a pro, who’ll help select the right product for the surface, be it a fence, wall or deck.

Indoors: “Bringing the outside in—that is, using colours from the landscape—is huge right now.” Think colours from natural materials like glass, stone and metals.

Outdoors: Natural materials: glass, metals and aggregates.

house painting exterior paint curb appeal
Updating exterior paint can boost your home’s curb appeal (photo: Garyalvis/iStock)

Indoors: Let the room’s intended use dictate your palette. Do you want a space that’s warm and cozy or light and airy?

Outdoors: “Exterior paint is usually about curb appeal and assimilating into your neighbourhood.”

Indoors: Complex greys (with undertones of blue, red or yellow) are still big.

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Outdoors: For a splash of uniqueness, paint your front door “a beautiful bright red, purple or green.”

Indoors: Good-quality brushes make quick work of cutting in and painting trim. “Even the best brush (about $20) isn’t that expensive, but the cheapest will give you a horrific paint finish.”

Outdoors: Paint your front door as a DIY project. Hire a professional painter for everything else—and spend your time enjoying the summer.

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