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Post-Covid Travel: the Destinations AMA Members are Getting Excited About

By Sandra Sperounes

While international travel still feels like a distant reality, AMA members are eager to start exploring the world again—whether it’s a bucket-list trip, a relaxing stay at an all-inclusive resort or an action-packed adventure vacation with a loved one. 

Nearly a third of AMA members would consider travelling this fall if restrictions were removed, according to a recent AMA Travel survey. Many already have their destinations picked out—from Namibia to Belize, Yukon to Bora Bora, and everywhere in between. 

Europe is the top choice, selected by 27% of 2,556 members surveyed. Two popular winter destinations are next: the Caribbean (nearly 14%) and Mexico (about 11%). Almost 10% of members want to travel somewhere in Canada, with 8% heading to the U.S. 

Lance V. from Calgary can’t stop dreaming about his previous European cruise. “Twelve destinations and simply magical,” he says. “I still think about this trip every day and can’t wait to book our next European adventure.”

Most AMA members surveyed want to travel with someone—either their significant other (42%), immediate family (27%) or a large group of friends (5%). And what do they want to do at their dream destination? Nearly 52% of members are excited to explore or immerse themselves in a new culture, 12% are looking forward to good old-fashioned rest and relaxation, and 9% are craving some heat.

All this anticipation means planning ahead is essential. Exactly when you start planning depends on how comfortable you are booking flights, hotels and activities before the Government of Canada lifts its Covid-19 travel advisory.

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“We don’t recommend travelling under an advisory,” says Nikola Berube, director of sales for AMA Travel. “But if it works for you to start planning now, it’s going to be more important than ever to work with a counsellor.” 

It’s important to plan with your eyes wide open, knowing that you’ll need to be flexible if things change. “The situation is still fluid—the government can make changes to its rules and regulations at any time,” Berube says.

If you’re ready to book ahead now, many cruise lines and tour companies are offering incentives to travellers. These include low booking deposits and/or flexible change and cancellation policies if trips are unable to go ahead as planned due to the pandemic.

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“Every supplier’s policy is different, but AMA Travel counsellors understand those differences and intricacies and can help you stay on top of things,” Berube says. “We want to protect Albertans by providing them with all the information available at the time, so they’re confident they can make an informed decision.”

Visit to make an appointment with a travel specialist—whether you’re ready to travel as soon as restrictions are lifted or are planning ahead as you dream about relaxing in Maui or touring Europe’s ancient ruins. Or if you prefer to book everything yourself through our website, our dedicated team of travel counsellors can help if you need us.

“Travel is a personal choice,” Berube says. “AMA is there for you.”