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A New World of AMA Travel Options

By AMA Staff

It used to be the case that when you wanted to travel to the province next door or a country an ocean away, a date with a travel counsellor was your first stop. Today, the world of travel has become so accessible that there’s a lot of dreaming, planning and booking a person can do on his or her own—with just a few clicks of a mouse. For many of us, the idea of not organizing and planning our trip seems unthinkable. For others, the notion of wading through endless brochures and often-contradictory websites can be daunting.

We completely understand.

We believe the pendulum doesn’t need to be fixed at one end or the other. The very best travel-planning experiences include sophisticated technology paired with the insights of trained experts based in Alberta.

Enter the dynamic new world of travel at AMA.

For the past several years, we’ve been designing a member travel experience that is really unlike anything else available. We don’t believe you should have to choose a website over an in-person visit or a phone call over an email dialogue. You can have any or all of those things in new ways at AMA.

“When you’re planning a trip today, there are near-infinite ways to research and book,” says Nikola Berube, AMA Travel’s director of sales. “But it can feel like there’s almost too much information.” From review websites to booking tools, a great deal of the information is the same or contradictory—and not much of it is backed by local travel experts with a sense of what matters most to Albertans.

Five benefits of planning your trip with AMA Travel

“It can become difficult to make a decision and we can end up with ‘decision paralysis,’” Berube says. “For most of us, we’re lucky to get one trip a year, and the last thing we want is to be worried that we picked the wrong place, trusted the wrong review or might not get what we paid for.”

Whether you choose to book on your own through our website——or rely wholly or in part on the support of a travel counsellor, when you book through AMA your trip is covered. If something goes wrong, we’re here to make it right.

We recognize that not everyone wants to make travel arrangements just one way: choice and service matter. To truly meet your needs, to set us apart from all the other travel booking options—and to deliver on our commitment to protect the things that matter to you—we are committed to offering the trusted support you’ve come to expect from us, in any way you choose.

An entirely new and unique service experience brings together the best of people and technology. Combine them any way you like!

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