The Sylvan Lake lighthouse (photo: Michael Saby)

The Lovely Sylvan Lake Lighthouse

By Craig Moy

A lighthouse on Sylvan Lake doesn’t serve much practical purpose, but it stands tall as a symbol of community building. The bucolic central Alberta town first erected a waterfront beacon in 1988, and though it became a local landmark, the lookout fell into disrepair and was demolished after a quarter-century.

The replacement—a hexagonal wooden tower topped with a viewing gallery and lantern, fashioned after the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse in Nova Scotia—was unveiled just last year. It was the culmination of a campaign that raised more than $240,000 for the construction of the lighthouse and a surrounding park. Overlooking the town’s marina and the water beyond, it’s a shining example of community spirit. Be sure to catch the rebuilt beacon at night when it glows with neon lights.