photo: Ivanikova/iStock

Holiday Entertaining Guide: Designated Drivers and More

By AMA Staff

When raising holiday cheer or toasting with a tipple, plan ahead to make sure guests return home safe and sound:

• Never let guests drive home impaired. Even if they’ve had one drink all night, have alternative transportation arranged for guests. Ask guests about their round-trip travel plans as they arrive, before they’ve imbibed any liquor.

• Arrange for taxis to arrive at the estimated end time of your party. Many large taxi companies also offer taxi dollars that you can buy in advance. And keep a list of local taxi numbers by your entryway for guests who may leave early.

How to ensure your home is safe for holiday party guests

• Order guests an Uber ride using your account. That way you’ll know they are in the car, safely on their way home. Plus, you’ll get an alert confirming they arrived at their destination.

• Alberta offers a number of designated-driver programs to help your guests, and their cars, make it home safely. Find one in your area.