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Five Eyewear Trends for Back-to-School Season

By Kellie Davenport

No back-to-school outfit is complete without a pair of cool glasses. Once the realm of librarians and grannies, glasses today are as trendy as jeans and backpacks. And like fashion, eyewear styles evolve with each changing season. The eye experts at LensCrafters have pinpointed a few trends to eye up this fall and winter.

Embrace your inner nerd with square shapes and thick plastic frames. The scholarly style has leapt from the library to the runway, with designers embracing the hip look. For an everyday pair with a dash of drama, choose a slightly oversized shape for your face.

Ombre styles are still alive and well in fashion, hair and eyewear. A two-tone frame adds a splash of colour to brighten up your face and any fall or winter day. Colour options range from subtle translucent and pearl finishes to bold solids and matte tones.

For a classic look, sleek metal frames are always a good choice, but eyewear designers have taken it up a notch with decorative twists. Look for small embellishments on arms or decorative accents that take delicate frames from ho hum to haute couture.

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The warm brown and amber hues of classic tortoise-shell patterns suit virtually every skin tone. The traditional pattern has been popular in accessories and fashion for over a century, but eyewear designers are adding a new twist by replicating it in a rainbow of colours, from blue and green to red and even bright pink.

By adding a prominent bar connecting left and right lenses, designers create edgy styles for thoroughly modern looks. These contemporary frames offer unisex appeal and perfectly suit wearers of all ages. Brow bar styles can be delicate due to their more ornate structure, so be sure that they suit your lifestyle before buying.

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